Seller Features

Appirox Sellers have access to several exclusive features that help customize the way their services can be offered.

Custom Offer

  • Sellers can also send Custom Offers addressing specific requirements of a Buyer.

  • Custom Offers are defined by the Seller with the exact description of the service, the price and the time expected to deliver the service.

  • Custom Offers are sent from the conversation page.

  • Services provided through Custom Offers may not violate Appirox Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.

Project Milestones

  • Gig and Custom Offers above $100 may include up to six project milestones, the minimum amount for each milestone is $50 and the project should include at least two milestones. Each milestone is paid and delivered separately in accordance with each Gig or Custom Offer’s description and timelines.

  • Once a milestone is delivered and marked as completed, Buyers may choose to either continue with the Order and pay for the next milestone, or to stop the Order. If Buyer does not pay for the next milestone within 10 days of acceptance of previous milestones, the Order under the next milestones will not start. A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after being marked as Delivered, however, in such case all further milestones will not start.

Gig Subscription

  • Sellers may offer Buyers a fixed term subscription for a specific Gig (the “Gig Subscription”). During the Gig Subscription term, Seller will deliver one Order of the same Gig on a recurring basis, as agreed between the Seller and Buyer.

Stock Media

  • Eligible Gigs have the option to use Stock Media.

  • Sellers earn 20% of the fees charged directly for standard license Stock Media. Appirox may offer Buyers to enhance their standard license after the purchase, and such enhanced license does not entitle Sellers to additional revenue share.

  • Important: Each selected Stock Media is authorized for a one time use. The selected media is integrated with the delivered work only and not as a stand-alone or for recurring use. Sellers are unauthorized to share the original image file with the Buyer or any third party.. In addition, Stock Media is governed by special license terms, that are set forth by Shutterstock. Please see the full Stock Media license terms here.

  • Important: If you cancel an Order that includes Stock Media, the license to that Stock Media will be cancelled as well and you will no longer be able to use such Stock Media.

  • Please note that Stock Media is available for purchase by everyone and is not owned exclusively by the Buyer.

  • Users can contact Appirox customer support department for assistance here.

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